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The Wheelchair Process
I need a new electric wheelchair. The problem is I may not be able to repair my current one while trying to order a new one. Medicaid may not pay for repairs on something I'm replacing.

Here is the problem. I went to the doctor's office in Mid-February to get part of the paperwork signed, a prescription for the wheelchair, and a referral to a Physical Therapist to get the rest of the paperwork signed. If there are no hiccups, as my seating specialist put it, I could be looking at a new wheelchair in as little as three months. This made me happy. You see, my current wheelchair took a year to get. The wheelchair before that had a bad battery for a few months and the reclining system failed.

I'm facing that with this wheelchair. As I said, I went to the Doctor's office. However, I was also doing my fasting labs and apparently my nurse practitioner wasn't qualified to read the lab results so they switched me to a new doctor. I decided I might as well switch permanently and stayed with the doctor. I may have made a mistake.

I tell him why I'm there, and he says he needs to look at the paperwork before signing it, also commenting he sees nothing wrong with my wheelchair. He takes all of the paperwork, and sends me to do my fasting labs. Then I'm told by the nurse I can leave, and when I ask for the paperwork she says he's still looking at it and will fill it out later. So we leave.

A week later I call United Seating and Mobility and ask them if they got any paperwork from my doctor, then explain to them the situation after I learn they have nothing from him. I ask them to send me replacement paperwork since he took everything and I needed the remainder the physical therapist would need to sign. When I get it I immediately set up an appointment with my doctor, which was today.

Which we missed because we left the house too late.

And now I'm depressed and pissed because the next appointment I can get, and got, is on May 3rd. Today I was going to tell him the problems my wheelchair has been having and hopefully get him to sign the papers.

Battery needs replacement, dying too early now
All six wheels need replacing
The recliner is dying and the tilt as well

Sad Bunny
I've been sick for the past four days. It sucks to all hell! Muchly!

New Glasses
Lois Lane
In late December, I got my new Transitional Lenses Glasses (With Medicaid Glasses on the way, my parents paid for the Transitionals). Then they cracked and needed to be replaced.

I got the replacements two days ago!

Calmed Down
Everything has been calm.

My sister is writing. Two friends of our's are writing. One of my fellow guild members on EverQuest II has written a book. That's four people I know who are writing a book.

I'm wondering if I should take this as a sign to write.

For years now, I've considered taking up writing. I started seriously thinking about it when I was in my early twenties. I even tried writing a novel.

It never got past a bad paragraph and the planning stages. Over the years I had many ideas. However, any story I had formulating always lacked a beginning and, sometimes, an end. I have one idea based off of a dream. I'm just unsure of how much dedication I can put into writing.

And then there's the stuff I have written that feels like it's either poetry or song (snippets I have posted here). Again, can I dedicate myself to making something of that? Or will it just fall apart like the other ideas?

Modems and Speaking English
Lois Lane
I need a new modem. Mine keeps dying on me.

There seems to be disconcerting amount of people I know, lately, that have the notion that it's cool to tell everyone that this is America and we should all be speaking only English and everyone else should fuck themselves.

Generally I agree it's a good idea to learn English if you don't speak it and are planning on moving into the US. However, expecting someone to not only learn it fast but to also speak it perfectly isn't the solution to the language barrier. Expecting companies to drop other language options on their phone lines just because someone is too lazy to press 1 for English is not a solution to the language barrier. In fact, that's just bad business considering that company would be cutting off potential customers.

My mom has been speaking English since before my sister was born (My sister is in her 30's). She uses English more than Tagalog. Even after all of these years, she doesn't get phrases perfect. Sometimes she mixes her P's and F's. English is one of the hardest languages to learn, and should not be treated like it's this magical, universal language that can be learned and mastered overnight.

Emo Werewolves!?

I'm watching the film, Blindness. Read more...Collapse )

Jazz Hands!
Damnit, I want a man!

Foreskin MAN!!!
Gaia 2
I just found a comic about a superhero that protects babies from villianized curcumsisers. This amuses me. Link below:

Also, an article about the comic.


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